About Me

My name is Fritz, I am a middle-aged single dad of a teenage daughter and this is my story. Back around 2015, I found myself divorced and newly single after a 12-year marriage. I was lost, I was alone, I had no one to turn to, and the internet around that time did not have many websites or resources dedicated to the single dad. Life as a single dad was an adjustment and I struggled with knowing where to even begin. My parenting experience up to this point always included my daughter’s mother, so the thought of doing this alone was absolutely terrifying.

How do I make this work alone? Can I make this work? Can I afford it? Where will I live? Where will my daughter live? What does our future hold? I had so many questions, but very few answers. As my journey through single dadhood began, I started to meet more single dads just like myself who were lost, confused, and uncertain about their ability to provide as single dads.

Thus, my latest passion project SingleDadhood.com was born. I wanted to create a space for single dads’ like myself to have an online resource to help answer some of these questions. I wanted to create a space where the single dad is understood and heard. A place where the single dad doesn’t feel like he is going through all of this alone. There are millions of single dads out there just trying to figure this single Dad stuff out, SingleDadhood.com hopes to be there every step of the way.

Stay tuned…